Jody Bigfoot – Duszt

Jody Bigfoot are about to leave you speechless with their elevating new release Duszt. Dropping on May 1st with a film to coincide with the release, this project is out of this world. A 12-track LP complete with a feature-length music video shot in Japan – what more could you possibly want? Out there and innovative, ‘Duszt’ refuses to left on the shelf and follow a specific crowd. Keeping alive the rebellious roots of hip-hop and experimental elements, the spiritual nature of Jody Bigfoot’s latest release will leave you wanting more.

Speaking about the film, which is dropping on May 1st, Jody Bigfoot add, “the film embodies a yin yang, with the first half filmed at night in urban landscapes and the second, filmed at day in Japan’s serene countryside and temples with a dot of the opposite starting and ending this structure. The album and movie invite the audience to question what it means to be alive inside a system that is harming its inhabitants and threatening the very life of its host.”

Produced by the talent of German engineer Tandaro, ‘Duszt’ is a highly anticipated release that will be sitting on my playlist for a while.

Follow Jody Bigfoot on Facebook, Instagram and Bandcamp.

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