Sasha & The Shades – Smiles

Ahead of the release of their forthcoming EP ‘Grin & Bare It’ later this spring, Sasha & The Shades are the innovative collective you need in your life. Returning with their first single of the year, “Smiles” tells the tale of putting on a smile when really your emotions are quite the opposite. We’ve all been there one way or the other, and “Smiles” fully indicates the annoyance of putting on a brave face when you just don’t want to.

Armed with a distinctive sound that’s entirely their own, Sasha & The Shades are hard to pin to one specific genre. With elements of blues, folk, indie and even garage rock thrown into the mix of ‘Smiles’, this outfit refuse to be limited to one specific avenue, and that’s what makes them stand out. Catering for every walk of life, “Smiles” drives with an authentic sound fuelled with character.

With a full EP out March 26th, Sasha & The Shades are certainly a band that I’ll be keeping in my ears for a while.

You can find the collective on Facebook & Instagram.

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