Daniel Molyneaux – Dance For Your Man

Daniel Molyneaux is an empowering artist who’s story and voice needs to be heard. Based in the UK, Daniel is a gay, dancehall singer-songwriter looking to tackle homophobia towards gay men, which still remains unfortunately prominent within the scene. Returning with vibrant new EP ‘Dance For Your Man‘ back in February, to coincide with LGBT History Month, the EP features different versions of title track ‘Dance For Your Man’.

On the title track, Daniel mentions, “It represents expressing myself openly about who I am within a genre I both love and make, regardless of the homophobia that may historically exist in that same genre.” 

Talking about his upbeat nature and music, Daniel explains, “I just love dancehall music (the beats, the way it makes my body feel) and am so hurt that the genre I love has influenced the culture in such a negative way. Whist I never force what I do, I am a gay man who both loves and makes dancehall music and wants to use my music to change social attitudes.”

An inspirational artist that’s best described as an icon, Daniel Molyneaux is a refreshing artist that deserves his name on billboards.

Follow Daniel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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