Bobby Starrr ft Mamasweed – Jock-A-Mo

One of the best collaborations of the year to date, Bobby Starrr and Mamasweed team up for house track ‘Jock-A-Mo‘. An original rendition of James “Sugar Boy” Crawford’s hit, which came out back in 1954, this collaboration are adding their own flavour to the already distinctive track.

Talking about the process of the release, Starrr mentions, “The first Jock-A.-Mo sessions came together during 2016 after a Jack The Box party at Kater Holzig and with the history of the song
and it’s meaning running very deep, we are happy to release this song now and for every other Mardi Gras

Sounding like the infamous funk period of Brian Eno’s career, ‘Jock-A-Mo’ is distinctive and requires a dance-floor. Something that will instantly get your feet-tapping and head bopping to it’s infectious rhythm, this is a track to stick on for those chilled summer BBQ’s later this year.

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