2020 Singles

White Noise Cinema – Unpersons (Review)

Electronic rock 6 piece White Noise Cinema are based in the West Midlands and are back after a Christmas break. Starting the year as they mean to go on, they return with their second single “Unpersons”. As someone who’s seen these guys live several times, Unpersons is a personal favourite of mine, so I’ve been… Continue reading White Noise Cinema – Unpersons (Review)

2019 Singles

Nervous City Nervous Self – Anthem (Review)

David Josephson aka Nervous City Nervous Self was born and raised in Stockholm and started his music career by declaring “I shall become Sweden’s Cohen or die!”. Starting his journey off with a big declaration in a country that doesn’t support that, he was met with skepticism. Debut songs of Nervous City Nervous Self portrays… Continue reading Nervous City Nervous Self – Anthem (Review)

2019 Singles

Esofact – Blocks (Review)

Released via Chillage Records, collaborators Esofact released their new single “Blocks”. Comprising of Urple Eeple (Peter Farr) and Isturite’s (Kevin Welch), the track is taken off their self titled EP to be released sometime this year. After meeting in their teens, they eventually decided to collaborate and released their first single as Esofact in 2014.… Continue reading Esofact – Blocks (Review)

2019 Singles

Uppermost – Night Walk (Review)

Released December 13th, “Night Walk” is French producer Uppermost’s latest tranquil single. Alongside three remixes of the track, the project was released via Uppwind Records. Guided through traditional Persian music from a young age with his French touch, the resonance of his sound focuses on respecting these influences while drawing a positive outlook throughout his… Continue reading Uppermost – Night Walk (Review)

2019 Singles

Katrina Cain – Promised Land (Review)

LA-based pop artist Katrina Cain ended 2019 with an honest offering in “Promised Land”. Self-described as “melancholy pop”, the songwriter is most known for her standout performance on Season 15 of The Voice. After blossoming her career further down the line with a grit-filled performance of Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon, the songstress has released a string… Continue reading Katrina Cain – Promised Land (Review)

2019 Singles

BisonBison – Expanding (Review)

Toronto-based quintet BisonBison return to the electronic world with their most exciting single to date ‘Expanding’. Released December 6th via Zozaya Records, the track is part of their upcoming debut album Hover, which is to be released February 7th. As an outfit, the talent in BisonBison streams with excitement. Known as a collaboration of producers… Continue reading BisonBison – Expanding (Review)

2019 Singles

Karl Zine ft Iselin – Clear Water (Review)

Released November 15th, Karl Zine aka one half of alt-pop duo RINNGS released his debut as a solo artist ‘Clear Water’ featuring Iselin. Via Wow & Flutter Records, the single is the perfect number to shelter off from the outside world. As the first solo record from Karl Zine, the track marks the start of… Continue reading Karl Zine ft Iselin – Clear Water (Review)

2019 Singles

KIDSØ – Sparkle (Review)

Live-Electro duo KIDSØ return with their latest offering ‘Sparkle’, which includes a remix by The Mountain Howl on October 11th via Springstoff. Based in Munich, the two piece consist of Moritz Grassinger and Martin Schneider, who have had a great love for electronica since they were youngsters. Focused mainly around percussion, heart-felt piano licks and… Continue reading KIDSØ – Sparkle (Review)

2019 Singles

Solstis – Miss You (Review)

Returning with the infectious “Miss You”, Solstis are the Seattle-based producers that keep on giving. With their “As The Sun Hits” EP set to release October 11th via Lowly Palace, “Miss You” guides the producers in the right direction. Andy Garcia and Brandon Myers started the collaborative journey many moons ago in a rock band… Continue reading Solstis – Miss You (Review)

2019 Singles

Nhoah – Between Vienna and the Stars (Review)

Electronic artist Nhoah returns with the futuristic “Between Vienna and the Stars”. Released to the world September 13th via R.O.T respectortolerate Records, Nhoah’s music has drawn a wide recognition from leading music publications such as Clash Magazine and Resident Advisor to name a few. Berlin born, Nhoah’s sound sticks to it’s early German roots and… Continue reading Nhoah – Between Vienna and the Stars (Review)