2019 Singles

blankface – Bonzai Trees (Review)

Welsh electronic producer ‘blankface’ returns with the second single “Bonzai Trees”. Influenced by hip hop rhythms and trip hop flavourings, there’s an atmosphere created that’s similar to Flying Lotus and Thundercat. Taken off the upcoming album, that will be out next month, the experimental groove within the track is simply breathtaking. Inspired by keeping a… Continue reading blankface – Bonzai Trees (Review)

2019 Singles

Dance Yourself Clean – Waste My Time (Review)

Indie pop dance outfit Dance Yourself Clean create a brightly coloured dance floor atmosphere with their debut single “Waste My Time” featuring The Fame Riot. Since 2016, the band have had their own record label Lights & Music Collective. They’ve produced music for other artists and are now doing the same but under their own… Continue reading Dance Yourself Clean – Waste My Time (Review)

2019 Albums

T8PES – T8PES (Review)

T8PES is no stranger to MoggBlog after I reviewed his single “Hope & Pray” back in March of this year. Now returning with his first full feature length, the Birmingham based artist is causing a movement within the area. Mixing an alternative take on electronica but flavoured with a good dose of hip hop, Jimmy… Continue reading T8PES – T8PES (Review)

2019 Singles

Georgia Meek – When You’re Sober (Review)

Based in London, Georgia Meek has already gained support from Huw Stephens and BBC Introducing. Building her own repertoire, the songwriter is back with the infectious “When You’re Sober”. Bold and making a statement, the electronic artist is bound to be delivering deep indie pop ballads for years to come. Taking her experiences and handing… Continue reading Georgia Meek – When You’re Sober (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

Rae Morris – Someone Out There (Review)

The year anniversary of the second album, "Someone Out There", by art-pop artist Rae Morris was yesterday. Time sure flies by when you’re listening to great music. When Rae first came on the scene playing shows around Blackpool in 2011, it wasn’t long after that she was offered recording contracts at Atlantic Records & Universal.… Continue reading Rae Morris – Someone Out There (Review)

2019 Albums

Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life (Review)

After finding long-awaited fame from a viral video of Pharrell Williams listening to her debut track “Alaska”, Maggie Rogers dropped her debut album on Friday. "Heard It In A Past Life" features 5 tracks that have already been released as either promo’s or on her debut EP “Now That The Light is Fading.” With 7… Continue reading Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

Warriors of the Dystotheque – I Know You’ll Never Die (Review)

Released on the 12th October, Warriors of the Dystotheque make their anticipated return after released their debut album "Madness In The Method” in January. Want to hear something completely bizarre? Some of the band haven’t actually met before or been in the same studio at the same time. They’re known as being an online project and it’s crazy… Continue reading Warriors of the Dystotheque – I Know You’ll Never Die (Review)

2018 Singles

The Pink Diamond Revue ft Legpuppy – Acid Dol (Single Review)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIr2hQEWKNc Aspects of eccentric style of music; The Pink Diamond Revue have released a new song (14th Feb) about their front "person", who is known to be from another dimension. Acid Dol is a biographical song purely about their "doll", and already, I'm slightly freaked out of this mannequin. On the song, Legpuppy, a trip-hop/dance band feature and… Continue reading The Pink Diamond Revue ft Legpuppy – Acid Dol (Single Review)

2017 Albums

Leah McFall – Ink (EP Review)

Leah McFall not only captured my heart 5 years ago on the second series of the Voice with her distinctive voice, but she captured a few other hearts too. She really doesn't get the recognition that she deserves. She does stunning cover renditions of songs from "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynorand "Loving You" by Minnie Riperton.… Continue reading Leah McFall – Ink (EP Review)