Rebecca Carozzi – Crossed The Line

Back with her first single of the year, Rebecca Carozzi is making waves with her bold RnB/Pop tracks. The latest empowering single “Crossed The Line” dropped February 5th, and is already receiving coverage from across the web. Filled with confident lyricism, breathtaking vocals, and a powerful production, “Crossed The Line” is another step forward in the right direction for this songwriter. Having only been releasing music since 2020, the artist has already accumulated over 66,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Speaking more on the new single, Rebecca quotes, “I wrote this song because I wanted to call out, in a fun way, all the guys that cross the line and don’t respect boundaries/only care about their well-being to the detriment of others. The writing process was very organic, as soon as I had an idea, I sort of went with it without overthinking it too much.

An impactful track that’s the perfect introduction into Rebecca’s world to show to your close ones, “Crossed The Line” features a unique sound built for stardom.

You can find Rebecca over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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