Jewelia – Maze

An artist we simply can’t get enough of at MoggBlog, Jewelia is a London based singer-songwriter and producer. Originally from Romania, Jewelia has been paving her way through the industry for a number of years and is a true asset to the ever-growing indie-pop community. Part of her self- music challenge called “Project 2020”, Maze was the first track of Project 2020. Fast forward to now, the track has been remastered and released alongside a music video.

“Maze” is an ambient pop masterpiece that journeys through the maze of life. Walking side by side with a walking rhythm from the electro-acoustic piano, it’s Jewelia vocals that layer the track to create an ethereal soundscape. Talking more about the track, Jewelia mentions, “Maze” is about my (and every other human being’s) inherent fear of aging. The irreversible passing of time is a recurring theme in my songs. There are so many things I want to do, or try, or experience, and never enough time. Every road we take is another road not taken, just like in that Robert Frost poem.

Unfortunately life is too short to be able to experience everything. We have to make choices, and we can never know what would’ve laid behind a different choice. I wrote this song as I was going through some changes in my personal life. I was leaving my part time job in a school and starting another job – my first full-time, 9-5 job. Suddenly, I was an adult …an adult with less time to make music. As I wrote “Maze”, I promised myself that I won’t allow myself to become tired by my new job and slowly but surely give up on my dream.

Jewelia’s distinctive single compliments her discography perfectly and showcases this artist was born to make music.

You can follow Jewelia over on her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Spotify.

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