Marco DeLiso – And We Fall (Review)

Massachusetts based multi-instrumentalist Marco DeLiso uses music as an expressive form. Speaking a language that letโ€™s music do all the talking, Marcoโ€™s music uses vocal harmonies and presents bringing people together to be their true selves. Entitled โ€œAnd We Fallโ€, the indie pop number highlights Marcoโ€™s hip-hop influences with a quirky pop soundscape in itโ€™s own realm. Emitting Marcoโ€™s diversity and sheer passion to be himself, the single is taken off an upcoming EP. 

Highlighting Marcoโ€™s hip-hop influences with playful piano melodies, the contagious number features some of the most infectious melodies youโ€™ll hear all week. Production wise, it channels a close personality and thereโ€™s even elements of an experimental Radiohead esque vibe. It feels slightly avant-garde and in itโ€™s own art form making it a strong contender in Marcoโ€™s discography.

Score: 4/5


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