2020 Singles

Marco DeLiso – Round & Round (Review)

Previously featured artist on MoggBlog, Marco DeLiso returns with sheer diversity in latest single “Round & Round”. Holding onto a quirky pop soundscape and playful piano licks in the new track, Marco unveils the highly anticipated four track EP “Balance” early this year. With jazz inspired guitars, the track feels close to artists such as… Continue reading Marco DeLiso – Round & Round (Review)

2019 Singles

Marco DeLiso – And We Fall (Review)

Massachusetts based multi-instrumentalist Marco DeLiso uses music as an expressive form. Speaking a language that let’s music do all the talking, Marco’s music uses vocal harmonies and presents bringing people together to be their true selves. Entitled “And We Fall”, the indie pop number highlights Marco’s hip-hop influences with a quirky pop soundscape in it’s… Continue reading Marco DeLiso – And We Fall (Review)