Stanley Duke and the Kindred Spirits – Collagen (Review)

Stanley Duke from Lost Dawn returns with a brand new project – Stanley Duke & The Kindred Spirits. Theatrical and psychedelic, the collective fuse rock and roll with a pop twist. Their first single “Collagen” dropped July 26th and has been proving that this new concept for Stanley is capturing his true vision. 

Delivering a tranquil dream of modulated choruses, the arrangement is simply out of this world. Travelling you to another dimension, it’s spiritual core is beyond words. The rawness of the production makes it feel that little bit more psychedelic. As a first single, it’s strong to say the least and slightly bizarre. Combining a mixture of David Bowie meets Gaz Coombes, the vibrant nature of the tune delivering a powerful essence of the glam world.

Score: 3/5


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