The Brookes – Spaceship Rodeo (Review)

Captivating quartet The Brookes hail from Grimsby. Delivering a vibrant, electrifying set through studio quality, they return with “Spaceship Rodeo”. The youngster showcase a refreshing 70’s sound merged with the indie music scene that the world is currently in. For youngsters, their level of maturity illustrates their progression. Putting heart and soul into every performance, the new single is a cocktail of every influence they could possibly think of. 

Oozing passion and a delicately formed arrangement, the vocals are in your face and narrate a fantastic story. Taking every section in their stride, you can tell how comfortable the band are. In their natural habitat and full of energy, they demonstrate that they’re working their way to the top and my goodness, they’ll get there. For indie fans out there, this is for all you people who have a soft spot for The Cure, Kings of Leon and Nick Cave. 

Score: 3/5


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