Amistat – Love & Light (Review)

Twin brothers Amistat return with the warming folk number “Love & Light”. Born in Germany but raised in Italy, the European brothers blended their roots with their new adventure of moving to Australia. Creating a fanbase across the globe, their sound is filled with pure honesty and a beautiful atmosphere of harmonies. The new single just proves the bond that the duo have. With a healthy back catalogue behind them, the latest track features the brothers in their natural, simple habitat.

Telling the story of their views on the environmental changes that have happened around the world and the ocean’s rising, the single is hitting close to home. Relatable and at times scary of how honest it is, the intimacy the track has isolated is out of this world. Influenced by artists such as Ben Howard, Bon Iver and even The Bee Gees, “Love & Light” captures beauty at it’s best. Delicate vocals, fascinating harmonies and a simple but effective instrumentation, this is a track that will help you fall in love with Amistat’s music. 

Score: 3.5/5


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