SUNGLO – Elevator Belle (Review)

sunglo cover43210000 v5It’s like Sonic Youth had a love child with the Pixies and created SUNGLO. Manchester based quartet are back with the infectious “Elevator Belle.” 2018 saw the release of their debut single “I Don’t Mind”, which took Manchester by storm with Sunglo’s defying “happy filth” sound, which is probably the best way to describe them thanks to BBC Introducing. Breaking categories and taking their songwriting up another level, the latest track features a killer melody, sultry vocals and layers of space for dance along too. 

Psychedelic grunge based track deals with suffering from bipolar. Musically, the laziness of the track and vocals cement the feeling of depression perfectly. Based on different sides of the spectrum, feeling great at one moment and empty the next, it’s shoe gazed approached to depression hits the nail on the head. As a songwriter, having a track pretty much write itself is always the best and that’s exactly what happened with Elevator Belle, it came together naturally. Having this track as their second single just proves that whatever lies ahead for the band, you can smell the success from here. Armed with a killer songwriting team, SUNGLO are destined for greatness. 

Score: 4/5

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