SUNGLO – Are You Happy? (Review)

Previous MoggBlog stars SUNGLO summit the air with their fierce take on grunge fuzz. Here with their debut EP โ€œAre You Happy?โ€, the EP was released a week ago today. Already circulating recognition, the Manchester based fuzz rockers uplift the aura with an psychedelic grunge fusion.ย 

“Rainpour” takes to the stage as the EPโ€™s opener. You can tell from the get go that this track will be a hit at live shows. Filled with infectious vocal melodies, the memorable number nudges towards bands such as Wolf Alice and Nirvana. Production is very raw and makes the vocals up close and personal. Itโ€™s not as polished as Iโ€™d imagine this song to be, but it still holds a strong impact.ย Previously heard track โ€œElevator Belleโ€ still holds your attention with every listen. This track has been out for a few months and is still grasping onto itโ€™s true nature.ย 

Sitting comfortably in the middle of the release, โ€œThe Feelingโ€™s Goneโ€ takes us down a groove centred avenue. A stand out track on the EP due to itโ€™s experimental side. Featuring modulated guitar, the number is a strong contender on the release and a personal favourite of mine. โ€œI Donโ€™t Mindโ€ has an early Foo Fighters feel to itโ€™s melody. An important track in SUNGLOโ€™s discography, this track was the bandโ€™s first single. Foot tapping music, itโ€™s no surprise that this was the song that gave the band โ€œthe oneโ€™s to watchโ€ title. Production on this one feels quite frantic but the complexity of it makes it feel a lot more human and personal.

Closing the EP, โ€œForget About Itโ€ sticks with the fuzz based element. Dynamically, the song shifts to a huge arrangement. For a DIY record, the band have captured their true sound to a studio recording perfectly. Armed with topics that people can relate too, this debut EP is a big success. This collective are definitely ones to keep a close eye on.ย 

Score: 7/10


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