Brion Starr – The Heart is a Loaded Gun (Review)


Based in New York City, music has been a saviour for Brion Starr in many ways. Taking some time over in the UK to record his album at Konk Studios in London, he’s about to drop the killer indie track The Heart is a Loaded Gun”. Brian has a similar vibe to the bizarre world of David Bowie but with a more modernised approach. The album is really going to be something special, mark my words…

Straight forward message of how love can tear us apart but we still crave it. There’s a wonderful atmosphere of sublime melodies within this track and Brion’s stated that the single has many different meanings. I love when songwriters don’t say what the song is exactly about, leaving the audience to discover their own meaning of it. A warm inspiration comes from The Kinks in this track, or actually just 1960’s bands in general as the production reflects imperfections just like the careless nature of the 60’s. There’s something really refreshing about Brion and it has to be his adrenaline. Extraordinary image as well, he follows by his own rule book and with the wondrous new single, you’ll understand why. 

Score: 3.5/5

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