Leah Kate – Left With A Broken Heart (Review)


New York City based artist Leah Kate embraces her IDGAF attitude brilliantly in latest single “Left With A Broken Heart”. With a number of single releases firmly behind her back, the latest single features a more melancholic approach and darkens the pop atmosphere like no other. Having gained hundreds of thousands of streams over streaming sites, Leah’s new track is a pessimistic view on love.

Self explanatory, but has a playful attitude, the track isn’t exactly what it feels like to have a broken heart. Leah stated that the song is about a close family member going through a serious break up. Putting herself into their shoes, she wrote a relatable track that feels so personal. When left heartbroken, it’s a dark time and everything seems bad, there’s shadows of that in the track, but the song is mainly a middle finger up gesture to the person that broke Leah’s friends heart. It’s quite sleazy and features a fresh beat that fits perfectly in today’s era of music. Fragments of auto-tuned vocals sparkle in the cracks making it feel slightly more inhumane, but still a well crafted track with a killer production. Identifiable sound and screams with personality, great track from the songstress. 

Score: 3.5/5



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