Far Suns Fall – Shape of the World (Review)

An electric influence of Blues, Grunge, and Alternative rock music is secured with GoLoud Records band Far Suns Fall. They released their first single “Shape of the World” from debut album “Aphelion” (due for release in April) back in November. With the debut album still to be released, the band are generating a strong fan base. Combining all their influences with what feels like subtle folk based lyrics, the 4 piece have a huge sound that would break down any wall. 

Melodically, Shape of the World has belted us up and flown us back to the 90’s. Metal inspired guitars circulate our ears with a warm introductory to the band. Finding a place for rock music in the world has become tricky over the past decade, but it’s songs like this that just remind you how powerful rock tracks can be. Reminding me slightly of Alter Bridge with Rival Sons singer Jay Buchanan like vocals – the song takes us through a rollercoaster of energy. A progressive rock sounding production makes the song feel so real. Mainstream music at the moment is all processed, so hearing something like this just proves that as humans we are capable of making something ‘real’ again with music. In your face type of song that you can’t escape, you don’t want to either. 

Score: 3.5/5



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