Tiger Bay – Sesh. Love. Sun. Style

A music project created by Brad Hunter, Tiger Bay, as he had so many new musical ideas that he didn’t feel were being fulfilled in his path at the time. Part of the Cardiff’s music scene, you could say his latest release “Sesh. Love. Sun. Style” is a concept EP, each song showcases each element. I wrote this E.P shortly after splitting with my old band “Nuclear Lullaby” in 2018. I wanted something fresh and exciting for me. I have always been inspired by Britpop bands and so most of the influence behind this release has been the likes of Blur and Oasis with a hint of Radiohead. My favourite band of all time is Biffy Clyro mainly because no album has a defining genre. One minute its heavy, then its soft, then its folky so you never know where you are heading. The name of the album was created by describing each of the tracks in one word e.g. Track one= Sesh, Track two= Love etc…So you end up with Sesh. Love. Sun. Style.”

First, we have a track that’s explicit and represents an argument Brad had with his girlfriend. The song actually does sound like an Oasis type of structure but with the elements of Biffy Clyro’s “I don’t care” attitude… well, I suppose both bands had/have attitude problems. I really love the intro into the track, it’s like a noisy wave of the noughties nostalgia again. For a self recorded EP, the mix on this track is spot on to showcases the opinionated nature of “I Love It.”

An ode to love, “Partner in Crime” is weak at the knees in love with the meaning of love. A song that would be perfect for a wedding dance, it’s filled with all the aspects of easy listening, acoustic and a pure message of love. It’s warming and somewhat cheesy, but as The Beatles said All You Need is Love. The fragility and rawness of the track makes it feel that we’re there with Brad recording the track. It’s human and a wonderful message as there really isn’t enough love in the world right now.

Written in the sun in California, “Rum & Coke” is a feel good, coming of age track. It seems that the subject is revolved around finding yourself in a time you really needed to do so. The lyric “I landed face down” implicates the emotion of failing but the continuity of the track proves that Brad just got back up and dusted himself off to try again. The last track, “So Edgy” has that 90’s alternative rock style to it which is definitely making a come back right now. This has to be the stand out track of the whole EP, probably because it’s the track you can relate to the most. Brad implied “Cardiff is full of hipsters, but not the real ones, the fake ones who claim to be hipster and arty/edgy but never support the live music scene or give a f*** about art at all, so that song is a sort of mick-take regarding Cardiff’s epidemic”. This could also link with people being on their phones at gigs even though they bought a ticket to see the artist, but that’s just the world we live in right now. People don’t seem to want to share experiences anymore with humans, only their devices. 

A lush EP of some great songs. I’d definitely be interested to hear the songs polished off in a studio, but the raw, self-produced sound compliments the emotion of it all.

Favourite Tracks: I Love It, Rum & Coke, So Edgy

Score: 7.5/10





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