2018 EPs/Albums

Tiger Bay – Sesh. Love. Sun. Style

A music project created by Brad Hunter, Tiger Bay, as he had so many new musical ideas that he didn’t feel were being fulfilled in his path at the time. Part of the Cardiff’s music scene, you could say his latest release “Sesh. Love. Sun. Style” is a concept EP, each song showcases each element. "I wrote this E.P… Continue reading Tiger Bay – Sesh. Love. Sun. Style

2018 Singles, Live Reviews

Meme Detroit & Institutes live at The Night Owl, Birmingham – 5th May 2018 (Review)

I went to see Meme Detroit with support from Institutes live on the 5th May at the Night Owl. I know both bands personally so it was nice to go and do a feature on both. Institutes brought their theatrical side out with the theme tune of the Avengers signalling their first track. Gareth’s vocals were… Continue reading Meme Detroit & Institutes live at The Night Owl, Birmingham – 5th May 2018 (Review)

2018 Singles

The Garage Flowers – Crashing The Party (Single Review)

London-based band, The Garage Flowers are a typical bad boy, dirty rock and roll band. The energy they create in their songs is unbelievable and reminds of what The Rolling Stones would have sounded like if they took their music down the slightly heavier guitar tone route. The Garage Flowers fan base is forever gaining with thousands of followers on their… Continue reading The Garage Flowers – Crashing The Party (Single Review)

2018 Singles

TAMSYN – Dirt (Single Review)

Being featured on BBC Introducing is always a great step into the music industry, and the boys of TAMSYN have done just that. The indie rock band from Manchester have been on the circuit for over 2 years now and have already released a debut EP plus a couple of single. Their new track "Dirt"… Continue reading TAMSYN – Dirt (Single Review)

2018 EPs/Albums

Kayleigh Morgan – Settling (EP Review)

Due for release on April 7th, Kayleigh Morgan's new EP, "Settling" is one to definitely check out. The EP is soaked in motivational lyrics and dealing with issues of mental health. I'm absolutely loving how Kayleigh is so personal with her songs and gets so deep into the lyrics. She keeps you interested from the start,… Continue reading Kayleigh Morgan – Settling (EP Review)

2018 Singles

Discount Columbo – Left Behind (Single Review)

Brit-pop influenced band from Bristol, Discount Columbo, have been generating a following for some time now. While gigging all over the country, their sets have been known to feature bold, energetic songs. I'll definitely be checking them out live very soon. Having released 3 EP's within 2 years along with a few singles here and there,… Continue reading Discount Columbo – Left Behind (Single Review)