Myles Morgan – Fool (Review)

Floating on a cloud of smoke, Myles Morgan enters your world and subtly gets you hooked on his songwriting and arrangement skills. After success with his previous band Young Native, Myles got straight into writing songs for his fresh new solo project. A smoothie filled with all the goodness that you want is a perfect start to any day, and it’s exactly the same with listening to “Fool”.

Just under 4 minutes long, the track takes us through some strange but quirky influences. Beginning with an indie style arrangement, Myles’ soulful voice blesses the style in a way that it coats it with a layer of silk. Smooth and oozing with passion, it’s the haunting trumpet part that lingers in the mix, waiting for it’s final call into the main part. Having a trumpet being played over the indie section creates this chilled, delicate jazz vibe. As we enter the second chorus, a fuzz effect, on what sounds like a bass, and a thumping drum part secures a jazz fusion belonging. Suddenly, we get to the end and everything’s stripped back to how things were at the beginning. This cements that Myles was a fool in love and proving that he has to simply, start again. With a headline show at The Islington, London, on 15th February, Myles has promised his fans an upcoming tour and a music video ahead of upcoming releases. You’d simply be a fool if you didn’t check out Myles’ tunes..

Score: 4/5

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