The Garage Flowers – Crashing The Party (Single Review)

London-based band, The Garage Flowers are a typical bad boy, dirty rock and roll band. The energy they create in their songs is unbelievable and reminds of what The Rolling Stones would have sounded like if they took their music down the slightly heavier guitar tone route. The Garage Flowers fan base is forever gaining with thousands of followers on their social media sites, and with their latest single, I’m not surprised. They’ve certainly gained a new fan in myself.

Crashing the Party is a real indie number that would definitely make anyone tap their foot too. The band have elements of brit pop in their music, and I can definitely hear Pulp in this song. It’s a fun, witty, indie number that will definitely go down well at any gig for sure. The catchy tune has got over a 1,500 views on YouTube in 2 months. The song was produced by Paul Tipler (The Horrors, Carl Barat, Squeeze), so no wonder the production is clear and features the essence of a great dance track. If you’re ever in the neck of the woods that The Garage Flowers are in, go crash their party and have a fun-filled night of laughter and music.

Score: 3/5

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