Live Reviews

Worcester Music Festival 2018 (Review)

I spent most of last weekend at Worcester Music Festival and I swear, it gets better each year. Here's a few words on some of the acts I saw this year... Friday 14th Maefield: Formed only recently of the pairing of Theone Mae Dawes (Coat of Many) & James Chatfield, the two improvised most of… Continue reading Worcester Music Festival 2018 (Review)

2018 Singles

The Pink Diamond Revue ft Legpuppy – Acid Dol (Single Review) Aspects of eccentric style of music; The Pink Diamond Revue have released a new song (14th Feb) about their front "person", who is known to be from another dimension. Acid Dol is a biographical song purely about their "doll", and already, I'm slightly freaked out of this mannequin. On the song, Legpuppy, a trip-hop/dance band feature and… Continue reading The Pink Diamond Revue ft Legpuppy – Acid Dol (Single Review)