Discount Columbo – Left Behind (Single Review)

Brit-pop influenced band from Bristol, Discount Columbo, have been generating a following for some time now. While gigging all over the country, their sets have been known to feature bold, energetic songs. I’ll definitely be checking them out live very soon. Having released 3 EP’s within 2 years along with a few singles here and there, they’re definitely not stuck on original content. In this review, I’ll be reviewing their latest release, a new single called “Left Behind” due for release 22nd March 2018.

Left Behind begins with guitar’s stabbing to enter what feels like it could be a huge stadium rock track, but before we know it, this melodic riff enters adding some extra spice to believing, yes this is a stadium rock track. Having off beat guitars really makes the song sound unique. We’ve all heard guitars being stabbed before in tons of songs, but something about the tone makes it really stand out. In the verses, the bass goes through the octaves which adds this lovely, warm tone to the composition, and even adds a few slides up the neck. It’s loose and works really well. I’d personally add bass when they do the melodic riff, not in all of them, but perhaps one and it would create more depth to the dynamics of the riff.

Lyrically, the singer seems to be trying to get a loved one/person out of their non motivational life style perhaps, as they’re telling them – “If you don’t move, you’ll just be left behind”. It could be more in-depth than that though, maybe the loved one/person is dealing with a tragedy in their life and they’ve lost all hope. I really like how we don’t really find out the problem in this song, it leaves us on the edge of our seats, unsolved and questioning “WHO’s going to be left behind?!”

Towards the end of the song, we seem to have broke through what feels like the darkness of the loved one/person being left behind and we’ve reached the lightness. I feel this indicates that who ever has been struggling, wherever they actually are a loved one/person, has eventually found their motivation to release that “Hey, I don’t want to be left behind because I’ll be on my own!”

I’m not sure if the Kaiser Chiefs are an influence on the band, but this song feels like Kaiser Chiefs met Ocean Colour Scene and they started listening to the melodic, prog based riffs of Porcupine Tree, whereas the end of the song completely goes up to a new level. The harmonies towards the end sound heavily influenced by Surf music.

This song is definitely unlike any other Discount Columbo track so far. It’s progressive but quirky. Discount Columbo have really captured what feels like a smoothie of delicious riffs, harmonies and tones to create their “sound”.

Score – 4/5

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