Kayleigh Morgan – Settling (EP Review)

Due for release on April 7th, Kayleigh Morgan’s new EP, “Settling” is one to definitely check out. The EP is soaked in motivational lyrics and dealing with issues of mental health. I’m absolutely loving how¬†Kayleigh is so personal with her songs and gets so deep into the lyrics. She keeps you interested from the start, all the way through till the end. Her vocals are distinctive and has a hint of an accent that reminds me of pop-punk artists such as¬†Blink 182¬†and¬†Jimmy Eat World, which is really interesting and so energetic. The songs though remind me slightly of early¬†Taylor Swift and what¬†Avril Lavigne¬†would sound like if her songs were more acoustic based.

We start the EP off with “Break”.¬†It’s emotional and you can feel everything that¬†Kayleigh¬†is pleading for. Considering the track is fairly upbeat and feels positive, the lyrics dive into a real dark mood of regret and wanting to “lie in this mistake”.¬†Musically, the track reminds me of what the¬†Goo Goo Dolls¬†had with “Iris”, but¬†Kayleigh has really made this song feel so private with lyrics such as “I’d love to hurt you, to raise the gross, to tie the noose”.¬†Being “broken” can be about anything, a bad relationship, a bad time in your life, physically anything, but I love how we don’t find out what exactly is wrong. The song leaves us tense and waning to find out more.

We all love “Saturdays”, it’s probably the best day of the whole week for myself and for a lot of other people too. The song is motivational and happy, it really makes me want to get stuff done that I procrastinate with in my life. It reminds me a bit of Tea & Toast by Lucy Spraggan. Anyway,¬†Saturdays are a happy day for most people as they don’t usually work weekends, and for a musician,¬†Saturdays¬†are a big part of our lives because of gigs. It’s nice to hear a diverse sound for an acoustic song with upbeat drums being a prominent part of the song with interesting fills. The song itself is a bit cheesy but it works really well as a whole and sits lovely on the EP.

Bed”¬†tells the story about wanting to stay in bed as we have no motivation to get stuff done sometimes. The song itself gives off a vibe of¬†Where is My Mind?¬†by the Pixies, not lyrically, but musically. It’s a really lovely song, and heavily pop orientated. I love how¬†Kayleigh gives you the subject of what she’s singing about, but at the same time doesn’t give too much detail to why she wants to stay in bed all day. Mental illnesses make you want to stay in bed all the time and cry, but this song certainly doesn’t.

“Touch me, I need a little proof that I still exist to you..”¬†is the first lyric of “Ghost” and already it really does make you feel something. I feel this song could be about a relationship that went wrong or perhaps it was only one-sided. Not having honesty in a¬† relationship is awful and you should get out of there while you can. It’s a real soft song that could be the ballad of the whole EP. Dynamically, it builds and then strips down to just acoustic guitar at the end. It’s elegantly done and so powerful to hear her sing. When her voice breaks at times, you can really tell that she means every word that she says.

“Positively Pissed” is probably my favourite track on the whole EP because of how comical it is. She even shows us that this is really a joke with the lyric “here’s my moody disposition, over a cheery chord progression, to pretend that I sound positive.”¬†Being funny can be so powerful at the same time as it gets the point across straight away. This song also proves a point that a lot of people say to others with mental health issues to “get over it” and that “you’ll be ok” when really if it was that simple, I’m sure everyone would be happy already! Saying “cheer up” to someone with mental health issues is the worst thing to do mate, so Kayleigh¬†issues this message by simply saying “Jog on!”

The last track on the EP is the title track “Settling” which tells us about feeling lost. It’s not perfect, but the imperfections of this song really captures the track as a whole. Kayleigh’s vocals are completely bare with no vocal effects and that really makes the song so raw compared to the other tracks.

Top work from¬†Kayleigh¬†who seems like she’s been through some hard times, but without those, she wouldn’t have written these great songs. As¬†Ronan Keating¬†sang “Life is a rollercoaster just gotta ride it!”¬†

Favourite Tracks: Break, Bed, Positively Pissed
Score – 7/10




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