Sintra – Boss

MoggBlog favourite Sintra is back with another tasteful electronic track. Titled ‘Boss‘, Dennis Morgan, aka Sintra, is clearly stating he’s a strong contender in the electronic world. After the success of his debut single ‘Break’ and gaining support from sites across the web, ‘Boss’ takes Sintra’s music down a darker house vibe.

““Boss” was the song that started it all. I was searching for a new direction and at the time was feeling inspired by the music I was hearing in the bass house scene. One day I sat down in the studio and told myself, “you know who you are, just enjoy the process and have fun with it”. I made “Boss” that day, the Sintra project was born shortly after.” – Sintra

Securing a confident limelight, the track will certainly fill a dancefloor as soon as any audience hear the first note.

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