Broken Bricks – Tapestry

Released at the beginning of July, emerging outfit Broken Bricks return with their third offering to date, ‘Tapestry‘. Prominently electronic based, the track showcases vocalist Christianne’s distinctive vocals and unforgettable melodies. Glistening with self-assured lyricism and euphoric backdrops, the energetic number is bathed with summer infused sensibilities.

Speaking of their new release, Broken Bricks reveals: “‘Tapestry’ came from a different place than most of the rest of the album, moving away from the more classic indie vibe, we went for a deep sensual sub sound which carries a lot of movement, to better represent Christianne’s intimate and sensual lyrics about sexual gratification.”

“Broken Bricks is where a machine turns human. From live instruments being fed into electronics, to razor sharp 2-step drum chops mingling alongside roomy 4-track recordings, to booming sub-bass nudging up against the sweetest of vocals, it’s the perfect meeting point of the electro-acoustic and the organic. The crew have moulded this mixture into a dancefloor friendly Summertime smash, which could equally find a home at the most blazing festival or in the coldest motorway car journey. Honesty and pure catharsis pouring from the lyrics are matched expertly with a jump-up disco-punk indie vibe, Broken Bricks are stripped back, detailed and meticulous. An exciting and giddy ride through the minds of three very crafty musicians.” – Buddy Peace, Strange Famous Records

A fantastic new release from one of my new favourite collectives.

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