Artio – Billionaire Nightmare

A previous band that have been covered on MoggBlog, Artio are making waves with their charismatic music. Returning with ambitious new single “Billionaire Nightmare”, the latest release continues the band in the right direction. Working with Monomyth Records and Killing Moon Records on the single, Artio exceed all expectations from previous releases and set the bar high for future tracks.

On the release, Artio state, “Billionaire Nightmare” is about using your uniqueness to derail a system that was designed to defeat you. It’s about being different, whether that means bending the rules of genre, fashion, beauty, masculinity, femininity, or sexuality. It’s about not fitting in, not feeding the men at the top who profit from insecurities, inequality, racism and cruelty. You don’t have to shapeshift to fit in anymore, because that’s what they want you to do. So be your own master, become their worst nightmare.”

An alternative-pop anthem with a hard-hitting rock side to it’s soundscape, ‘Billionaire Nightmare’ is unforgettable and a track that will go down in Artio’s history.


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