Daniel Figgis – The Typing Pool

Released via Linear Obsessional on February 19th, ‘The Typing Pool‘ is the latest release from Irish composer Daniel Figgis. What better way to spend St Patrick’s Day then listening to talented Irish artists? I can’t think of anything else! Consisting of 5 golden tracks for your ears to taste on, Daniel Figgis is an artist that constantly thinks outside the box when creating innovative music.

From title track ‘The Typing Pool’ experimental, left-field nature, the first song on the EP refuses to let you tie a leash around it – it’s rebellious and destined to leave you picking your jaw up off the floor. With elements of noise rock in it’s mix, the overall EP isn’t for the faint-hearted. Sounding somewhere between Brian Eno and Merzbow, the glitch filled soundscape compliments an artist that’s constantly evolving.

Other stand out moments on the EP come in the form of spacious track ‘AWOL (giving up the ghost)’ and new arrangement for Daniel Figgis classic, ‘Glimmered’. This soundscape is an experience that needs a moving image to guide you through. Not like anything else you hear nowadays, get lost in Daniel’s music – it’s truly remarkable.

Listen to Daniel’s EP on Bandcamp at the below link.

THE TYPING POOL by Daniel Figgis

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