International Women’s Day Special

I’m all about female power and seeing as it’s International Women’s Day, why not spread the love even further with a feature of some inspirational songs I’ve encountered over the past few weeks.

Lindsay Munroe – Need a Ride

Alternative-indie artist Lindsay Munroe is certainly turning heads with her captivating sound. Based in Manchester, and part of one of the best music scene’s in the world, Lindsay recently returned with her first single of the year, ‘Need a Ride‘. A whirlwind experience that features thought-provoking lyrics, personality driven guitar melodies and an honest message, this is a powerful new single from one of Manchester’s golden songwriters. Remember the name Lindsay Munroe, she’ll be a household name in no time.

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TAY – modern talk

Produced, mixed, recorded and arranged entirely herself, TAY’s electronic pop debut EP ‘modern talk‘ is a breath of fresh air. Entirely innovative yet still paying ode to the modern day pop culture, ‘modern talk’ is a love language best served at a high volume, and in large quantities. Bay Area bred and LA based, this alt-pop EP glistening with swirling synths, sensational vocals and mesmerising chord progressions, ‘modern talk’ deserves a pedestal and a crown… it could easily be pop royalty.

You can follow Tay on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Jade Bird – Open up the heavens

Easily one of my favourite female artists at the moment, Jade Bird’s latest single ‘Open up the heavens’ is her best to date. Infusing the 90s alt-rock scene with her poetic pop nature, the enchanting new track showcases how powerful her vocals truly are. Entering with an addictive guitar riff that grooves into tomorrow, ‘Open up the heavens’ is armed with an ear-worm melody that you won’t get out of your head anytime soon. It’s inspiring to hear that Jade Bird is getting the recognition she deserves, and she’s certainly on the right path to becoming the next Sheryl Crow.

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Penfriend – Cancel Your Hopes

I remember the first moment I listened to Laura Kidd’s music… it was an experience I’ll never forget. Instantly connecting with her sound and distinctive vocals, Laura’s a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Formerly known as She Makes War, Laura’s new project Penfriend is best described as exhilarating. Back with her second single of the year, and the next track from her highly anticipated new album, ‘Cancel Your Hopes’ fuses post-punk sensibilities with a bewitching vocal. Out 21st May, Penfriend’s new album can’t come quick enough!

You can follow Penfriend on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Highly recommend you join her ‘Correspondent’s Club‘ too!

Jessie Reid – Lifeboat

An artist I’ve been following for a few years now, Jessie Reid’s exceptional songwriting grows from strength to strength. Back with fingerstyle infused guitar track ‘Lifeboat’, the hypnotic rhythm that lies underneath the track’s arrangement is completely infectious. Destined to leave you swaying with it’s uplifting sound, ‘Lifeboat’ sounds like the lovechild of Ben Howard and Lucy Rose, which could never be a bad thing. “Lifeboat” sets sail into the sunset with a fantastic career ahead for this talented songstress.

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Sadly, I couldn’t cover more inspiring women for you to check out, but nevertheless, I’ve created a Spotify Playlist for IWD of some talented women that you NEED to check out.

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