Benedict – Sweet Sister

Previously featured artist on MoggBlog, Benedict unleashes heartfelt alternative pop single ‘Sweet Sister’. An artist that’s not afraid to get intimate and personal with his music, ‘Sister Sister’ is a heart-warming release showcasing the importance of telling your loved ones how much you care. In Benedict’s case, ‘Sweet Sister’ addresses his relationship with, of course, his sister.

Chatting about the release, Benedict explains, “‘Sweet Sister’ is a song for all the brothers and sisters in the world. A little reminder to make time for each other – listen to each other and share life and joy together. This song takes me back before all of that, when we shared a bed and hung out our bedroom window imagining our lives not yet unraveling, seeing only stars. This song from the world of 2020, not forgetting everything that happened.”

“Sweet Sister” sounds like something you’d hear straight out of a coming-of-age movie. Armed with a fierce indie arrangement and a versatile vocal, “Sweet Sister” is the definition of a ballad straight from the heart.

You can follow Benedict on Facebook and Instagram.

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