Dreampark – Time Machine

Coated in a feel-good attire, alt-pop outfit Dreampark are back with elevating new single, “Time Machine“. Drawing inspiration from vibrant artists such as Kate Bush, Tame Impala and MGMT, Dreampark are bringing their own flavour to the already glistening world of alt-pop. Combining an addictive blend of youthful 70s and mature 80s pop, ‘Time Machine’ features a hazy production of retro infused pop.

Talking about the release, the two-piece explain, “Time Machine is about time, relationships and our relationship with time. What if we could travel in time and how would it affect our memories? At the end, time machine is about the irrelevance of time in the magnificent living experience of making meaningful memories.”

With an optimistic future ahead, it’ll come at no surprise if this single gets worldwide fame. Hop in your invisible “Time Machine” and travel to the world of Dreampark – you will not be disappointed.

You can follow Dreampark on Facebook and Instagram.

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