Jewelia – Millennial

Romania born, London based singer-songwriter and producer Jewelia’sMillenial‘ is a nostalgic indie-pop number powered by piano. Written as part of her Project 2020 – twelve months, twelve songs – ‘Millenial’ is track number 6 from the project.

Jewelia mentioned “It’s a song about the difficulty of coping with adulting, feeling lost and small in a big city and learning that life is different to what we expected. ‘Millennial’ is not just about millennials, but about any young person who is at the beginning of the journey, unsure of what to do or where to go next, feeling small in a big, scary city. It’s also about having difficulty in coming to terms with the natural process of aging, and finding it hard to manage expectations related to advancing in age

Jewelia’s ‘Millennial’ storms straight onto your speakers with confidence and features one hell of an elegant, alternative pop arrangement.


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