Casual T – Transcendence

Electronic artist Casual T releases new single “Transcendence“, and it’s a thick slice of dark, electronic pop goodness. Based in Austin, the electric labyrinth of sound and vision, Casual T is paving his way through the dance and electronica world. Showcasing characteristics of bass, pop and hip-hop to make his signature, diverse sound, Casual T is known all across the globe for creating refreshing music. His first single of the year “Transcendence” is entirely innovative and starts the year off excitingly.

Sharing his thoughts on the release, Casual T had this to say, “Transcendence represents a bridge between the Lovers? Ep and the future of Casual T.  I’m moving away from writing love songs and closer toward capturing the visceral, powerful emotions that make electronic music so exciting.  Transcendence is about letting go of the toxic people and habits that stop you from being your best self.  It is about growing greater than you had thought possible and coming into your own.  It’s about transcending and becoming who you are meant to be.”

“Transcendence” will entirely transcend you into a realm of hope and optimism, something we’re all needing a bit more of in our current lives.

Follow Casual T over on his Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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