Angus Parkin – Commitment

Back with his first single of the year, Angus Parkin’s ‘Commitment’ to music is certainly the right choice. Taken from the recently released album ‘It’s a Chemical Thing’, the feel-good release blends mellow instrumentation with warm vocals and a smooth performance. Working alongside singer-songwriter Lauren Dejey on the track, ‘Commitment’ laces through romantic lyricism. Discussing the single, Angus said, “The inspiration behind this track is that feeling of knowing something is right. You don’t need to rush it, or take it a bit slow – it’s in that goldilox zone. Everything is just right, and you’re ready to commit 100% to it.”

“Commitment” is simply authentic and what you’d want to find buried in a playlist. Summing up how he creates music by “translating chemical reactions in my brain into soundwaves that cause chemical reactions in yours“, Angus Parkin is an emerging artist who’s heading in the right direction.


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