Cody Feechan – Kingdom Caller

Maintaining momentum and living up to any expectations, Cody Feechan’s ‘Kingdom Caller‘ is an inspiring new number that’s prominently harmonica-driven. Known for her powerful signature vocals and creative flair, it’ll come at no surprise that Cody won ‘Home Grown Talent’ at the Kingdom FM Local Hero Awards in 2019.

Discussing the inspiration behind the new single ‘Kingdom Caller’, Cody quotes, “Kingdom Caller was written about mental health; a man struggling mentally to the point of being delusional and believe he has everything he could want or need, when in reality he doesn’t have much at all and is very much alone.”

“Kingdom Caller” features tinges of blues while sticking to a fierce folk-pop atmosphere. What makes this track extra special is it’s authenticity, try finding another artist that’s like Cody Feechan, it’ll be tough as she’s simply one of a kind.


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