M A R C – Universal Critic

Recorded out of his bedroom with no budget, Marc Bradley releases new EP ‘Universal Critic‘. Marc, who fronts the indie rock band M A R C, unleashes 6 new tracks into the world. Hearing a more personal side to Marc than previous release, ‘Universal Critic’ features delicate lyricism, and string arrangements.

On the release, Marc mentions, “I think overall, this EP was never gonna have a particular sound to it. I’m too in transition at the moment, which obviously hasn’t been helped by the pandemic. But thats why I’m really proud of this EP. Being unemployed, having no money to record, no band to record it with and a mix of songs written over the last year that have evolved and aged as i have. I think thats why you can here influences from T.REX, Harry Styes, to Ryan Adams and obviously the last EP thrown in there for good measure.

Stringing together true ‘M A R C’ elements, what’s so wonderful about this EP is how it showcases Marc’s talents in another limelight. Showcasing a subtle pop side to his usual indie attire, the versatility within ‘Universal Critic’ is distinctive. Piano led first track ‘Fixated’ is heartfelt, and sincere. Produced entirely by Marc himself, the EP’s themes feature dreaming, fantasising, being lost and waiting for everything to make sense again.

‘I Want You’ sounds like the brain child of Marc Bolan and Bowie. Following in the footsteps of previous success single ‘Shock Fantasy’, ‘Shock Fantasy, Pt . 2’ is nostalgic and nudges its ancestors subtly. While tracks such as ‘You’ and ‘Firework’ features a more delicate side to Marc’s songwriting, ‘Go Get Away’ is in your face and refuses to be ignored.

A fantastic release from one of Wolverhampton’s finest.

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