The Dylan Marshall Project – Alone (Review)

Lee Richardson aka The Dylan Marshall Project is set to release 12 tracks across 2020. As the solo vessel for Dead Dads Club frontman Lee Richardson, The Dylan Marshall Project allows space to produce songs that wouldn’t sit well in the DDC catalogue. Lee plays gigs all across the West Midlands in Dead Dads Club and as one of their biggest fans, it’s wonderful to hear Lee’s music in a completely different light. Here with his first single for TDMP, “Alone” is the most up close and personal we’ve been to Lee’s music to date.

Situating itself in an indie folk presence, “Alone” uses a gorgeous chord progression that nudges towards early Pink Floyd. With elements of psychedelia in the mix, the natural song feels colourful and vibrant yet it doesn’t have an upbeat arrangement. Showcasing that he could be a one man band with this project, “Alone” is an exceptional first single from The Dylan Marshall Project and should sit on everyone’s chilled playlist.

Score: 4/5


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