Shadi G – Mind (Review)

Swedish singer-songwriter and producer Shadi G released “Mind” back in November 2019. Known for her soulful voice and unique RnB sound, the songstress is striking attention all across the globe. Crossing borders with her soulful approach to music, she creates music that unveils a powerful sound both in style and language. She released her debut single “Lost”, which gained support from Sweden’s biggest playlists. After starting her own record label ‘Goldamin Records’ in 2017, she went on to release singles and even her first EP “No Fear”. Returning with Mind, the songwriter is ready for the next chapter. 

Mind appears to pull listeners into it’s dreamworld yet hazy arrangement. Taking the audience through a journey of self-realisation and empowerment, the track also walks away from a destructive situation. Gaining more confidence as the track progresses, there’s ounces of honesty and emotional aura that carries Shadi’s vocals to the end. A summer track that ignites the winter with fire. 

Score: 3/5


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