BAD LUV – Liquid Love (Review)

Alternative rockers BAD LUV return with their latest single “Liquid Love”. Hailing from Barnsley, the quartet have been described as energetic, captivating and passionate. With elements of hard rock in their wide production, the latest number is simply an anthem. Aiming to create something beyond the mind-numbing commercial alternative rock sound, you can hear a whole box full of influences in their music. ‘Liquid Love’ is a fresh and filled with bad dance moves – think of your dad at a high school reunion. Influences from Queens of the Stone Age and Nothing But Thieves is evident, but with an edgy undertone.

Memorable and a huge production, the quartet identity as rock gods in the track. Hooks upon hooks, the chorus is filled with an aggressive attitude that refuses to be left alone. Desperate for attention, the track illuminates through a moment of clarity. Talking about the song BAD LUV stated that “The song in essence details the unhealthy relationship the north has with alcohol consumption, its etched into the DNA of every Northerner. There’s nothing a drink can’t solve right?” The bridge details this moment of clarity, a much older alternate version of themselves looking back at their lives, a reality where music never quite worked out. They’re sat in the same local pub, wondering where all those years went, they spent chasing gold.

Score: 3/5


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