Karl Zine ft Iselin – Clear Water (Review)

Released November 15th, Karl Zine aka one half of alt-pop duo RINNGS released his debut as a solo artist ‘Clear Water’ featuring Iselin. Via Wow & Flutter Records, the single is the perfect number to shelter off from the outside world. As the first solo record from Karl Zine, the track marks the start of a series of solo releases and exciting collaborations lined up for 2020. With Iselin as the featured artist on this track, she’s currently signed to Warner Chappell and based in Oslo, Norway. Known for her vocals on Alan Walker’s worldwide hit ‘Faded’, that track has gained over 1 billion Spotify plays!

We wrote ‘Clear Water” on a cold day in Oslo. I was staying in a tiny apartment which felt like a cocoon from the world outside. The song talks about the reality of the range of emotions of living in such a small space with someone else over a long period of time. We liked the contrast of the necessary order with the chaos and un-tamed nature of the Nordic wilderness. We wanted the different sections of the song to mirror the turbulent mind of someone in this position, sometimes calm, sometimes yearning, sometimes angry, and make you feel like you’re going on the emotional journey with them.”

Beginning with an other-worldly sense of calm, the breathtaking vocals from Iselin hit straight in the feels. Evolving through to become an ambient piece of electronica, the mysterious number rolls in various moods and breathes in an emotive narrative. Engulfed in the emotion in it’s core, Clear Water’s production is intimate and spine-tingling. 

Score: 4/5

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karlzine/?hl=en

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