Kyle Ekstrom – Sad Girls (Review)

Illinois-based alt-rocker Kyle Ekstrom returns with the vibrant “Sad Girls”. Formed the front-man of post hardcore band “To Trust A Liar”, the songwriter’s solo career has been blossoming with every step. Taking his music in a different direction, the latest release features a shoegaze/dream pop avenue within it’s core. Focusing more on music’s ability to bring memories and nostalgic feelings to the surface, “Sad Girls” explores the inner struggle most of us face. Illuminating that sometimes the best thing to do is to simply take a step back, the track is relatable. 

“I wrote this song after observing a friend’s situation from afar, via social media,” Ekstrom says. “Seeing their struggle, and how they let it overtake them inspired me to write this song. The song itself is a reminder to people that ‘hey, this isn’t as bad as you think. You can figure this out. You can do this.’ It’s a reminder that our problems oftentimes seem more scary or difficult than they are, and that in reality, everything is going to be ok.”

Addictive melody and beautifully enchanted vocals, the momentum feels like it could be elevated slightly higher though. Accompanied by a killer music video, the intimate home recording shines further vulnerability throughout the track. If you’re into artists such as The 1975, Kyle is right up your street. 

Score: 3/5


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