Me Not You – America (Review)

New York based alternative dream-pop duo Me Not You are simply unstoppable. Released October 18th via MNY Music, “America” is taken off their upcoming debut album ‘Already Gone’ which will be released November 8th. Combining Eric Feiler and Nikki Taylor, the ethereal two piece cite influences such as Radiohead, Lou Reed, Aphex Twin and Pixies. Bringing a flavour of post-punk to today’s society, there sound is irresistible and needs to be heard.

Nikki stated; “America is a look at the soul of my country. It’s a song about the disconnect between what I thought it was, and what I fear it might be. Especially in the wake of the crisis of mass detentions and the separation of families at our border, I think it’s time we took a long look in the mirror and ask who we are, what we really stand for, and where we go from here.” If the album is anything like this track, it’s set to summit the band for stardom. Featuring dark lyrical themes in their music, America renders itself in a complicated prettiness. Dark indie rock with diverse textures, the emotional depth is heavy but showcases pure talent. 

Score: 4/5


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