Me Not You – America (Review)

New York based alternative dream-pop duo Me Not You are simply unstoppable. Released October 18th via MNY Music, โ€œAmericaโ€ is taken off their upcoming debut album โ€˜Already Goneโ€™ which will be released November 8th. Combining Eric Feiler and Nikki Taylor, the ethereal two piece cite influences such as Radiohead, Lou Reed, Aphex Twin and Pixies. Bringing a flavour of post-punk to todayโ€™s society, there sound is irresistible and needs to be heard.

Nikki stated;ย “America is a look at the soul of my country. It’s a song about the disconnect between what I thought it was, and what I fear it might be. Especially in the wake of the crisis of mass detentions and the separation of families at our border, I think it’s time we took a long look in the mirror and ask who we are, what we really stand for, and where we go from here.โ€ If the album is anythingย like this track, itโ€™s set to summit the band for stardom. Featuring dark lyrical themes in their music, America renders itself in a complicated prettiness. Dark indie rock with diverse textures,ย theย emotional depth is heavy but showcases pureย talent.ย 

Score: 4/5


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