Baby Husband – Stop Thinking About Tomorrow / Eyes (Review)

Baby Husband are known for their dynamic, textured music that can’t be pinned down to one specific genre. Based in South West London, members hail from all over the United Kingdom. Influenced by the likes of indie bands such as Wolf Alice and The XX, their fresh sound draws more towards the indie genre. Back with not only one but two singles, the new numbers are sitting perfectly in the bands repertoire. Gaining recognition throughout the UK, the band are set to play a number of shows throughout the rest of this year. 

‘Stop Thinking About Tomorrow’ surrounds itself in a spacious aura. Coated in a reverb atmosphere, the track lingers completely between the band’s influences. Blending an infectious melody with the arrangement, the lyrics roll off the tongue and keep you present in the moment. With a great understanding of the lyrics, the staying present feeling makes you live right in the now.  ‘Eyes’ is a lot longer than the first track. Creating it’s own realm of justice, the melody in this one is one of the best one’s I’ve heard this year. Relatable lyrics and holding a romanticised gaze with it’s eyes, it’s definitely taken the band up to the next level. 

Score: 4/5


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