Organised Scum – Green Deal

Set to release their new EP ‘One Less Bastard’ on November 8th, Organised Scum are dropping promotional singles left right and centre. Gaining support from Tom Robinson, Line of Best Fit, Steve Lamacq and Clash Magazine, the band continue to delve into the realm of progressing their sound. Described as Fugazi hanging out with Steely Dan at a world music festival, the new single ‘Green Deal’ situates itself with a post-punk face, a Syd Barrett like psychedelia and an Elliott Smith arrangement.

Lyricist and singer of the band Tom Duggins stated this is what Green Deal means to him; “A double coded statement about the Climate Crisis. Offering some optimism that clean energy and rewilding might help pivot us away from the worst catastrophes of climate change, but also recognising that green investment opportunities will only keep us running on the same path of neoliberal economics – where the poor suffer what they must and inequality is allowed to grow.”

Overall, a wonderful mixture of different influences and Green Deal feels like a strong statement in the band’s ever-growing discography. 

Score: 4/5


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