KIDSØ – Sparkle (Review)

Live-Electro duo KIDSØ return with their latest offering ‘Sparkle’, which includes a remix by The Mountain Howl on October 11th via Springstoff. Based in Munich, the two piece consist of Moritz Grassinger and Martin Schneider, who have had a great love for electronica since they were youngsters. Focused mainly around percussion, heart-felt piano licks and string instruments such as cello and viola, they blend elements of fragility and honesty in their music. 

‘Sparkle’ features warm tones that balance through inspiring elements of a meditation sound. Speaking of the track KIDSØ state: “We see ‘Sparkle’ like a rollercoaster between a drifting bass and drum lines, and fragile vocals and piano elements. This contradiction is what makes the track so unique for us and why we chose this track as the very first single of our album.” As one of the tracks from their highly anticipated upcoming album Childhood, due for release 2020, their dynamic sound is soon to share the duo straight to stardom in the electronic world. 

Score: 4/5


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