The Horse Puppets – Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now) (Review)

Manchester based septet The Horse Puppets blend an ambient soundscape while holding onto their blues roots in β€œWho Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now)”. Coating the blues arrangement in an indie atmosphere, The Horse Puppets mix a whole ray of instruments throughout different styles to create their own distinctive sound. There’s a country twang from the pedal steel guitar solo, a blues-jazz feel to the double bass, a dance vibe from the electronic synths and a modern day harmony section. Is there any style the band can’t do?

With their debut album set to release early 2020, β€œWho Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now)” is a perfect introduction to a band you won’t get tired of. Sticking to their roots, while recording the album, the band recorded everything live (with vocals shortly afterwards). Squeezing into a small room with no headphones created the raw, vintage sound that the track needed. What makes the number so hypnotising is how it sticks to it’s influences but keeps a fresh modern face. An exceptional debut single from the collective who are set for a glistening career ahead.Β 

Score: 4/5


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