The Horse Puppets – Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now) (Review)

Manchester based septet The Horse Puppets blend an ambient soundscape while holding onto their blues roots in “Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now)”. Coating the blues arrangement in an indie atmosphere, The Horse Puppets mix a whole ray of instruments throughout different styles to create their own distinctive sound. There’s a country twang from the pedal steel guitar solo, a blues-jazz feel to the double bass, a dance vibe from the electronic synths and a modern day harmony section. Is there any style the band can’t do?

With their debut album set to release early 2020, “Who Are You? (Don’t Look At Me Now)” is a perfect introduction to a band you won’t get tired of. Sticking to their roots, while recording the album, the band recorded everything live (with vocals shortly afterwards). Squeezing into a small room with no headphones created the raw, vintage sound that the track needed. What makes the number so hypnotising is how it sticks to it’s influences but keeps a fresh modern face. An exceptional debut single from the collective who are set for a glistening career ahead. 

Score: 4/5


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