Kundabuffa – Kundabuffa is Dead (Review)

2019 has been an eventful year to say the least for the jazz fusion band Kundabuffa. With 5 releases under their sleeves, the band have called it a day. Sad but leaving fans with a mark on their hearts, thereโ€™s not many bands out there who will make you turn your head and stick their music on repeat. Kundabuffa do both… at the same time. Spiritual and levels of talent that arenโ€™t of anything on this planet, โ€œKundabuffa is Deadโ€ is a gentle farewell to a band that we will all deeply miss. 

Kundabuffa is Dead: Preludeโ€ indicates as a message to the species of Planet Earth to simply change their ways. โ€˜This place is cursedโ€™ illuminates a darker approach for the band who are using their musical powers to highlight that Planet Earth is not at itโ€™s best right now. A computer like vocals lead the electronic based number through a tunnel of doomsday. For people who want to help change this world, listen onโ€ฆ “Hole in My Headโ€ scraps the barrel of completely bizarreness. โ€œThereโ€™s a hole in my headโ€ lingers the arrangement while the music includes an African felt percussion. A blend of neo soul with the wackiness of Frank Zappaโ€™s career. The story behind the number tells listeners to โ€˜trust in Scienceโ€™, and trust in the system of truth. People get stuck in their ways and listen to superstition (not the Stevie Wonder number, I mean the belief in Supernatural), whereas the truth may not be nice to hear sometimes, but itโ€™s the right way. What Iโ€™m liking about the album is the audience, weโ€™re connecting with Kundabuffa not only on a musical level, but a spiritual and emotional one too. 

โ€œSoul to My Skinโ€ grooves into tomorrow with itโ€™s danceable nature. Musically, Theoneโ€™s pop like vocals summit the aura with a smokey tone conveying the piece to feel more jazz orientated. Itโ€™s like planting a seed and watching it grow to become a masterpiece. The background of the number connects still to the spiritual world and actually informs listeners of planting this seed in yourself to see how it changes over time. Slightly confusing with itโ€™s message, the number is infectious and a pleasant listen regardless.  โ€œBlake Makes Sunshineโ€ draws you in with itโ€™s instrumental arrangement. Featuring Blake Probert completely owning the keys with a contagious tone. Fusing the sunshine power, the summery hit will want you to grab a deck chair and absorb all the rayโ€™s of sun that you possibly can, but do remember your sun tan lotion. A short, delicate track that you wonโ€™t get tired of listening to.

โ€œThe Devil and The Sun and The Moonโ€ will leave you questioning your existence and the meaning of life. Taking the spiritual side to a completely other level, the 7 minute number will light up your day with itโ€™s outer world like context. What I like about this track the most is that, you can listen to it repeatedly, and have a completely different outlook on life with each listen. Let your mind wonder and escape any type of demons.  โ€œKundabuffa is Dead: Codaโ€ informs that Kundabuffa are no more, and only exist has a memory now. Escaping the atmosphere with a gentle goodbye, petition for Kundabuffa to come back, please!โ€

On Bandcamp, the album features 4 remixes beginning with โ€œSoul to My Skinโ€ but this time, the arrangement has been secured in a House mix. Itโ€™s the type of track that youโ€™d be dancing along to in a club (if thatโ€™s your scene). Kundabuffa reach out to many different genres in their discography, and Iโ€™m sure we can all agree how versatile they are. Kundabuffa and their music will live on forever. Previously released cover track from their first collaboration under โ€œMonadโ€, โ€œLotus Blossom โ€œ features a full band remix, whereas the first recording of this was stripped back as a duo. Great to hear such a diverse structure in this one. 

โ€œHole In My Head: Unholy Compromise Remixโ€ may linger on for a strong 20 minutes, but within that time, we hear the band escalate through a progressive arrangement. A bizarre, infectious structure that could be compared to artists such as Miles Davis, Gong and even Allan Holdsworth. ย Lastly, itโ€™s the same track but as a 3 and a half minute edit. For any last album, youโ€™d expect high expectations, and Kundabuffa have exceeded my mind with their power of talent. A fantastic band that I will miss dearly, as Iโ€™m sure a lot of you will too.

Score: 8/10


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kundabuffa/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kundabuffaofficial/

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