2019 Singles

Dog Drive Mantis – Volta (Review)

Experimental rockers Dog Drive Mantis return with a vibrant new string to their repertoire. Entitled “Volta”, the instrumental number showcases the Toronto based quartet simply in their natural habitat. Flowing freely with great ease, the track was inspired by the imagery of a lighthouse. Wacky and innovative, the tune features elements of jazz fusion mixed… Continue reading Dog Drive Mantis – Volta (Review)

2019 Albums

Kundabuffa – Kundabuffa is Dead (Review)

2019 has been an eventful year to say the least for the jazz fusion band Kundabuffa. With 5 releases under their sleeves, the band have called it a day. Sad but leaving fans with a mark on their hearts, there’s not many bands out there who will make you turn your head and stick their… Continue reading Kundabuffa – Kundabuffa is Dead (Review)

2018 Singles

Myles Morgan – Fool (Review)

Floating on a cloud of smoke, Myles Morgan enters your world and subtly gets you hooked on his songwriting and arrangement skills. After success with his previous band Young Native, Myles got straight into writing songs for his fresh new solo project. A smoothie filled with all the goodness that you want is a perfect… Continue reading Myles Morgan – Fool (Review)

2018 EPs/Albums, Live Reviews

Phi Yaan Zek’s Album Launch Review – 15th September 2018

Located on a warm Saturday night at Kidderminster College, the night began with one of the college’s talented bands; Hey Jester. The Hey Jester boys are really causing a stir with their progressive rock music. The songs. The image. The sound. They have the whole package. Think early Muse but with incredible Myles Kennedy like… Continue reading Phi Yaan Zek’s Album Launch Review – 15th September 2018