Surge – Colours (Review)

It’s been two months since Surge released their latest single “Colours” and it’s already received wide recognition from their fans all around the country. Comprising of George King (vocals/guitar), Alan Jones (guitar), Will Smith (bass/synth) and Billy Fenton (drums), the quartet bring a wide range of shades of indie through their music. Melodically wonderful, the engaging track features lyrics full of wit, a hard hitting rhythm section and creative guitar sequences. 

From Clacton-On-Sea in Essex, the upcoming band seem to have everything on their side. With killer talent and great songs, Surge seem to have a successful future ahead of them. Sometimes you find a band that really makes your ears spark up and go “yep, this is good”, and Surge are one of those bands. Blessing us with the colourful soundscape, the music video for the track features a lot of UV paint. A simple track that’s adventurous within it’s genre. Looking forward to Surge’s upcoming releases. Make sure to stick this track on your playlist!

Score: 3/5


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