Surge – Colours (Review)

It’s been two months since Surge released their latest single β€œColours” and it’s already received wide recognition from their fans all around the country. Comprising of George King (vocals/guitar), Alan Jones (guitar), Will Smith (bass/synth) and Billy Fenton (drums), the quartet bring a wide range of shades of indie through their music. Melodically wonderful, the engaging track features lyrics full of wit, a hard hitting rhythm section and creative guitar sequences. 

From Clacton-On-Sea in Essex, the upcoming band seem to have everything on their side. With killer talent and great songs, Surge seem to have a successful future ahead of them. Sometimes you find a band that really makes your ears spark up and go β€œyep, this is good”, and Surge are one of those bands. Blessing us with the colourful soundscape, the music video for the track features a lot of UV paint. A simple track that’s adventurous within it’s genre. Looking forward to Surge’s upcoming releases. Make sure to stick this track on your playlist!

Score: 3/5


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