Toria Wooff – Badlands (Review)

Released July 25th, Toria Wooff returns with the exceptional “Badlands”. Based in Lancashire, the Americana artist fuses a dark approach to songwriting within the new release. Released on Sloe Flower Records, the tales on Badlands showcase subjects such as love and malevolence. Blending a delicate atmosphere of intricate guitar melodies and haunting vocals, the EP has already received recognition from the BBC and Amazing Radio.

Cases” fits an Americana imagery with great ease. It’s powerful in it’s own right, and by right, it’s intricate and intimate. Overall, it mixes Toria’s folk vocals with a ‘close’ production. A great start to what seems to be an amazing journey ahead.  “Collision Course” has had great feedback from the BBC and Amazing Radio. Moody and dark, the folk number takes on a monochrome side with haunting guitar effects. Modulating echoes and reverb, the steady drum beat gives us comfort that everything is running along the right course. Definitely a go to song to showcase Toria’s incredible songwriting. 

For Liam (Souhja)” strips it back it’s acoustic core. You can’t hear this song anymore upbeat, it’s definitely found it’s right arrangement. Mellow and featuring a luscious violin sound, it’s honest and streaming with love out of every pore. “Smoke” gives Jefferson Airplane vibes with it’s arrangement. Toria’s own originality flows throughout the whole number like a paint brush on a canvas. Toria is also a keen painter, poet, and storyteller, is there anything she can’t do? Exploring the world around her, the EP gels subjects of letting go, being yourself in the present and the process of love. A successful return for the songwriter, who’s created a colourful soundscape for us all. 

Score: 7/10


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